therapy play

At A Bright Start, we know what it takes for therapy to be successful: therapy at home. Christina believes in involving the whole family because one appointment a week will not bring any real improvement. What makes a difference in pediatric therapy is what happens at home on a regular basis, and A Bright Start ensures that each family is equipped to make the changes their child’s development requires.


Mike has a hard time holding back his eager child when it’s time to see Christina.

“He always runs up for a hug,” Mike laughs. “He absolutely loves her. I mean, he’s known her for almost his whole life.

“I definitely recommend her,” he adds.

Based on her assessments of a child’s needs, Christina provides individualized pediatric therapy especially for children suffering from torticollis, developmental delays, or sensory defects.

Most importantly, she believes that parents should join their child in the journey to progress. Mike says that learning how to do therapy at home has made all the difference in his son’s successful development.

“During his appointments we watch what Christina does, then at the end she shows us how to do it and gives us exercises to do at home,” he says. “She explains everything, and she always makes herself available.”

Mike confirms that his son’s improvement has brought him up to speed with other children his age.

“After one year, the doctor told us that he was where he was supposed to be,” says Mike. “Working with Christina is preventing him from falling behind. We see weekly progress.”

Best of all, Mike’s son so enjoys spending time with Christina that he doesn’t know the difference between therapy and playtime. “She always gets him to do what she wants without him even knowing it,” laughs Mike. “She makes it fun for him.”

– Mike Kreft, Bourbonnais